peugeot sésame opens the door to the future in birmingham

Thursday, 10 October 2002

The Peugeot Sésame ‘opens up’ the future of small, versatile urban cars. With its distinctive electric sliding doors, it is one of six concept cars on the Peugeot stand at this year’s British International Motor Show in Birmingham.

Sésame is a B segment ‘small’ car, and from the front end shares Peugeot’s familiar feline look of the 206 and 307, with swept back headlights and a radiator grille finished with a moulding strip and a crescent shaped air intake underneath. It has a short bonnet and a glass roof finished at the edges with two metal roof bars. The total glass area is extensive and, like the 307, has a generous-sized windscreen. It has been designed to take a 1.6 litre engine, producing 110 bhp.

Sliding doors

Its two electric sliding side doors, which are both almost a third of the length of the whole vehicle, allow for easy access to the four seats, especially in confined city streets and small parking bays. Each door is guided by a pad sliding on a visible rail which wraps around to the rear of the vehicle, and is easy to open from either inside or outside the car. The external handle is ergonomically designed and housed in a metallicised panel.

Body design

From the side, the windscreen pillar - which begins above the front axle - sweeps up to meet the roofline, extending to the spoiler mounted above the rear screen. The rearmost pillar is angled forward at its base, to give the profile a dynamic look, and to provide excellent visibility through the large rear screen. As with other recent models in the Peugeot range, there is a ‘step’ effect in the lower side mouldings between the wheel arches, giving the body a subtly chunky appearance. The spare wheel is mounted on the rear panel. Sésame is approximately 3.7 metres in length.

Finished in metallic Sahara Yellow paint, the Sésame has colour coded door mirrors and a matching interior of yellow and dark blue. A metallic finish on the door mirrors and door rails echoes the effect on the roof rails and door handles. The car’s 17" alloy wheels complete the exterior styling.

Key dimensions

Peugeot Sésame

Length3.70 m
Width1.67 m
Wheelbase2.31 m
Height1.63 m

Other concept cars on the Peugeot stand are: 3♥7 CC, H2O, 607 Pescarolo, and the RC Diamonds and RC Spades sports cars.


For further information please contact the Peugeot Press Office on 024 7688 4212. The Peugeot press website – – contains pictures and product information on all the vehicles in the Peugeot range.




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