peugeot 207 - a wide wise choice

Thursday, 17 June 2010

  • 26 models to choose from which qualify for Zero VED
  • Low CO2 models available in hatchback, SW and CC
  • Models available from £11,895.00 on-the-road
  • All models ordered in June also come with a free Nokia 5230 smart phone with Satellite Navigation and in-car mounting kit

Peugeot’s popular 207 range is the ideal choice for cost-conscious buyers with its low running costs and a range of models which attract no vehicle excise duty.

With ever increasing awareness on the overall costs of owning a car, it is more important than ever that more than the purchase cost of the car is used to decide on the most suitable vehicle.

With vehicle excise duty based on the CO2emissions of the car, choosing a low CO2emitting vehicle can save not only money but also fuel costs and reduce the trips to the fuel station.

Some manufacturers, however, limit the choice of low CO2 vehicles to just a single model or a small range. Therefore, customers have to compromise if they want to choose a low CO2 vehicle as their main priority.

With the Peugeot 207, potential customers have a choice of 26 different low CO2 models to choose from.

For customers looking for a small fuel efficient hatchback, they can choose from the 99g Ã?conomique in both three-door and five-door versions, the 207 S with standard fitment of air-conditioning, the comprehensively equipped 207 Sport or the 207 Millesim special edition. All the models qualify for zero vehicle excise duty and will use a gallon of fuel on average to cover 64 miles (or 74 miles in the case of the Ã?conomique). Servicing costs are also low as the vehicles only need servicing every 12,500 miles or two years.

If more load carrying capacity is required then the 207 SW is the ideal choice. With its maximum load capacity of 1258 litres, it will accommodate a family’s luggage when going on holiday, the occasional movement of large single items or to transport pets and sporting equipment.

The fuel efficient nature of the available engine options mean the extra space and versatility does not have to penalise the owner with regards to vehicle excise duty or running costs. Six low CO2models are available in the 207 SW range from the 207 SW S HDi 90 with air-conditioning, the special edition Millesim HDi 90 with its extra standard equipment, the well equipped 207 SW Sport HDi 90 or HDi 112 and the 207 SW Outdoor HDi 90 or HDi 112. All have zero vehicle excise duty, 12,500 miles or 2 year servicing and will sip a gallon of fuel on average every 61 miles.

For lovers of “wind-in-your-hair” driving, the Peugeot 207 CC is available in two low CO2 versions -the 207 Sport HDi 112 and the GT HDi 112. Sharing similar engines to the hatchback and SW models, these models will ensure open top driving in the town or country will not have to cost the earth. With an average fuel consumption of 57 miles per gallon and the same servicing and vehicle excise duty as the hatchback and SW, they won’t break the bank to own, either.

Efficiency, whether in driving dynamics or engine efficiency, has always been a strength of the Peugeot 207 and now, with 26 low CO2models to choose from, there is no need to compromise to save money and help protect the environment.

Any of the low CO2 207 models registered in June also come with a free Nokia 5230 smart phone with inbuilt satellite navigation with free future updates and an in-car mounting kit; therefore, ensuring the most efficient route to a destination and helping to reduce further running costs.


To obtain high resolution downloadable images of the Peugeot 207 range and Pricing and Specification Information please log onto the Peugeot Press website: (Newspress passwords apply)

Editors Notes

Low CO2 207 Model Range

  On-the-road Price CO2 Emissions First Year VED
Hatchback 3-Door Models   
Urban HDi 70 £11,895.00 115 £0.00
S HDi 70 with A/C £12,895.00 115 £0.00
Millesim HDi 70 £12,895.00 115 £0.00
99g Economique £13,495.00 99 £0.00
S HDi 90 with A/C £13,595.00 115 £0.00
Millesim HDi 90 £13,595.00 115 £0.00
99g Economique + £14,395.00 99 £0.00
Sport HDi 90 £14,795.00 117 £0.00
Sport HDi 112 FAP £15,645.00 119 £0.00
Hatchback 5-Door Models   
Urban HDi 70 £12,495.00 115 £0.00
S HDi 70 with A/C £13,495.00 115 £0.00
Millesim HDi 70 £13,495.00 115 £0.00
99g Ã?conomique £14,095.00 99 £0.00
S HDi 90 with A/C £14,195.00 115 £0.00
Millesim HDi 90 £14,195.00 115 £0.00
99g Ã?conomique + £14,995.00 99 £0.00
Sport HDi 90 £15,395.00 117 £0.00
Sport HDi 112 FAP £16,245.00 119 £0.00
S HDi 90 with A/C £14,935.00 117 £0.00
Millesim HDi 90 with A/C £15,135.00 117 £0.00
Sport HDi 90 £16,535.00 119 £0.00
Sport HDi 112 FAP £17,385.00 119 £0.00
Outdoor HDi 90 £16,735.00 125 £0.00
Outdoor HDi 112 FAP £17,585.00 130 £0.00
Sport HDi 112 FAP £18,345.00 125 £0.00
GT HDi 112 FAP £19,795.00 127 £0.00



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