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  • 12 Brand Ambassadors have been chosen to represent PEUGEOT as brand experts across events, product previews, meetings and motor shows throughout the year 
  • All Brand Ambassadors were recruited from the 180 strong Dealer network
  •  To view the award-winning PEUGEOT range, visit:

PEUGEOT has launched its first-ever Brand Ambassador programme in the UK, with 12 Ambassadors chosen from across its UK Dealer network to represent PEUGEOT as brand experts during events, product previews, meetings and motor shows throughout the year.

The programme was open to all staff from the 180 PEUGEOT Dealers within the UK, with applicants required to submit a video presentation of themselves, outlining their product knowledge, career achievements and enthusiasm for the PEUGEOT brand. Just 12 candidates were chosen to be part of the PEUGEOT Brand Ambassador programme.

As part of their duties, the Brand Ambassadors will work to improve the customer experience throughout the PEUGEOT Dealer network by sharing best practices, hints and tips, as well as giving feedback to senior management on new plans and proposals. As our brand experts, the Brand Ambassadors will also attend national events and model previews throughout the next 12 months.

The 12 Brand Ambassadors were among the first to get an exclusive preview of the all-new PEUGEOT 508 SW, which will arrive at showrooms from 1st July onwards.

David Peel, Managing Director of PEUGEOT UK, said: “The Brand Ambassador programme was introduced to give a small number of staff from our dedicated and enthusiastic Dealer network an opportunity to share their love of the brand with a wider audience, as well as gaining a greater insight into future product and strategy. PEUGEOT has committed to offering electrified variants across its entire model line-up by 2023. This is a new and exciting journey for PEUGEOT, and our Brand Ambassadors are perfectly placed to provide vital feedback on our new products, technologies and the customer experience along this journey.”

PEUGEOT is undertaking a new and exciting journey towards electrification and new technologies – our Brand Ambassadors are well placed to provide vital feedback on new products and customer experiences along this journey.” 

James Pilmer, one of the 12 Brand Ambassadors, said: “I am looking forward to representing PEUGEOT as a Brand Ambassador both through the network and at various events across the next 12 months. The Brand Ambassador role gives me a chance to share my enthusiasm for the brand to a wider prospective customer audience and help improve PEUGEOT’s customer care and services, by working closely with senior management and my fellow Ambassadors.”

The 12 Brand Ambassadors are:



Jacob Sotiris

Howards Taunton

Andy Parton

Arbury Bromsgrove

David Young

Perrys Bolton

James Pilmer

Minstergate Scarborough

Nicholas Fitzgerald

Robins and Day Sheffield North

Amy Stewart

Curtis Ballymena

Elliott Harrington

Swansway Chester

Liam Smith

Hawkins St. Austell

Emily McQueen

Charters Aldershot

Nicholas Carter

Robins and Day Derby

Thomas Herbert

Budgen Motors

Lewis Griffiths

Robins & Day Hatfield

To find out more about the award-winning PEUGEOT vehicle range, visit:


Stimulating, rewarding driving, sleek design, and uncompromising quality form the brand’s pledge to its customers and help produce the emotion provided by each PEUGEOT vehicle.

Operating in around 160 countries with more than 10,000 points of sale, the brand sold more than 1,740,000 vehicles in 2018.

PEUGEOT combines exacting standards, allure and emotion with the goal of being the definitive high-end, broad-based brand with global reach.

The UK is the third largest market for PEUGEOT with its UK Headquarters located in Coventry. The UK car line-up includes the 108, 208, all-new 208, 308, 2008 SUV, all-new 2008 SUV, 3008 SUV, 5008 SUV and all-new 508 supplemented by Rifter and Traveller people-carriers. The UK van line-up includes the all-new Partner, Expert and Boxer. Electric Vehicles support the standard car and van line-up. The all-new range includes the Electric e-208, e-2008 SUV and the Hybrid versions of the 508 and 3008 SUV. Electric versions of the most popular small van, the Partner Electric and much larger, Boxer Electric are also available. PEUGEOT is committed to low emission vehicles, with a strategy to electrify every model in the range between 2019 and 2023.

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