Thursday, 21 March 2019

  • PEUGEOT UK Ambassador Catie Munnings is preparing to take on ERC Junior Championship
  • Having started her rally career behind the wheel of a PEUGEOT 208R2, 21 year old
  • Munnings has been a PEUGEOT UK Ambassador since 2017 Munnings will be joining the PEUGEOT Rally Academy for 2019 alongside new co-driver Veronica Engan, with the first race in the Championship set to take place in The Azores between 21st - 23rd March
  •  Catie won the FIA European Rally Championship Ladies Trophy in 2016, her first year in the sport

Catie Munnings will fly the flag as a PEUGEOT UK Ambassador at the 2019 European Rally Championship (ERC) Junior Championship in 2019.

Joining the PEUGEOT Rally Academy for 2019, 21-year-old Munnings has her sights set on the ERC3 category front-wheel drive competition, hoping to emulate past success. In 2016 Catie Munnings became the first Briton to win a European Rally title in almost 50 years after taking the Ladies European Rally Championship title, in her first competitive year in the sport.

A natural in her field, Catie will be joined by new co-driver Veronica Engan for the campaign that lasts from March through to October, beginning with the first round in the Azores on Thursday 21st March.

The 2019 European Rally Championship takes drivers across a range of technical and challenging terrains, from gravel tracks to tarmac roads in The Azores, Latvia, Rome and then finishing in Hungary.

Munnings has already attracted the attention of some big names in motorsport, entering the PEUGEOT Rally Academy as a customer with Saintéloc Racing, and having the backing of Red Bull.

Aside from building a profile on the track, Munnings has broadened her fan base as a children’s TV presenter with her very own CBeebies drive show, ‘Catie’s Amazing Machines’.

Looking forward to her time in the upcoming tournament, Catie Munnings said: “With the support of PEUGEOT UK, I am really excited to be joining with PEUGEOT Rally Academy this season. I started my career driving a PEUGEOT 208R2, and I’m really proud to join the team and wear the colours of PEUGEOT SPORT. We look forward to launching our season with Veronica. Rendezvous in the Azores!”

Laurent Guyot, Manager of Customer Competition Programmes at PEUGEOT SPORT said: “It is a great privilege to work with Catie Munnings this season. Catie has proven to be a great brand ambassador and inspiration for young people wanting to get into motorsport.

“With a decorated history, Catie is certainly one to watch as she is a young and talented driver. In keeping with PEUGEOT SPORT’s longstanding policy of helping talented young drivers get to the top of the sport, Catie is well placed to race the European Championship with us this season. Catie already knows this Championship very well and she is very knowledgeable about each rally in the season.”

Catie Munnings is one of several promising names in the sport to be working closely with PEUGEOT in 2019 as the brand renews its partnership with last year’s 208 Rally Cup winner; Yohan Rossel. Yohan, and his co-driver Benoît Fulcrand, will be Catie Munnings’s teammates in entering the European Rally Championship and the FIA ERC3 with the PEUGEOT Rally Academy.

The first stage of the ERC Junior Championships will be taking place from Thursday 21st March to Saturday 23rd March in the Azores.

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