Tuesday, 19 February 2019

  • PEUGEOT launches new full range of EnergyHub cordless power tools, including hammer drill, jack hammer and circular saw
  • New PEUGEOT EnergyHub power tools are designed by the PEUGEOT Design Lab, taking styling from the PEUGEOT 3008 SUV and PEUGEOT 308 GTi
  • The full range of PEUGEOT EnergyHub tools is on sale via the PEUGEOT online store

PEUGEOT has launched a full range of cordless EnergyHub power tools, building on the collection previously launched with EnergyDrill drills in 2017. The new products come from PEUGEOT Outillage, a sister company of PEUGEOT, which specialises in products and services for a wide range of DIY needs.

With prices ranging from €79.99 to €289, the full range of 12 cordless tools includes a hammer drill, jig saw, angle grinder and multi-function tool, designed to be the perfect accessory for DIY aficionados.

The new cordless DIY set, designed by the PEUGEOT Design Lab, has been unveiled alongside a new logo and brand signature for PEUGEOT Outillage. Through developing the new EnergyHub range, PEUGEOT is tapping into its origins of being a leading manufacturer of tools since 1810.

With a design inspired by the “Coupe-Franche” two-tone paint of the PEUGEOT 3008 SUV and PEUGEOT 308 GTi, the tool set provides a stylish look which highlights their durability, compactness and quality.

Each tool comes with a kit that includes safety goggles, a dust mask, and earplugs to cater for all your DIY needs.

The full PEUGEOT wireless tools EnergyHub range includes:

The EnergyDrill-18VPBL2 hammer drill – Able to pierce wood, PVC, metal and concrete. Its BRUSHLESS engine features a torque of 85 Nm. It comes with additional anti-vibration handle, two 2 and 5 Ah Lithium-Ion batteries and its carrying case. Priced at €289

The EnergyPunch-18VBL jackhammer drill – Able to pierce the most resistant materials and concrete, it has drilling, perforation and chiselling functions. It is equipped with a BRUSHLESS engine, a strike force of 2.2 Joules, LED lighting, and comes with an additional anti-vibration handle. Priced at €169.90

The EnergySaw-J18V jigsaw - Easily cuts curved or straight lines. No tools are required to attach the blades. Its LED lighting, ergonomic handle and aluminium tilting base will satisfy even the most meticulous do-it-yourselfers. It comes with three blades designed specifically for sawing wood. Priced at €89.90

The EnergySaw-C18VBL circular saw - Cuts boards and panels with straight line precision. It is equipped with a BRUSHLESS engine, a laser for precise cutting and an ergonomic handle. It comes with a 165-mm, 40-tooth blade for a thin cutting line. Priced at €149.90

The EnergySand-18V orbital sander - Used to sand wood and metal. It can be gripped either at the front or from the top. It is equipped with an electric speed variator and a left and right-handed on/off switch. It comes with six sanding sheets. Priced at €79.90

The EnergyGrind-18VBL angle grinder - Used to grind metal parts or any other surface with the help of adapted accessories. It is equipped with a BRUSHLESS engine, an additional anti-vibration handle and a quick fastening blade guard. Priced at €139.90

The EnergyBrush-18VBLrestorer - Used to strip, polish and brush wood, metal and other materials. It is equipped with a BRUSHLESS engine and an additional anti-vibration handle. It comes with a brass-plated steel scouring brush. Priced at €149.90

The EnergyTool-18V multi-function tool - Used to cut, carve and sand any surface. It is equipped with an additional anti-vibration handle. It comes with accessories: sanding disc, sanding sheets, circular and straight blades for wood. Priced at €89.90

Unveiled at the Hanover and Paris Motor Shows in September 2018, the set is now online at

Full information about PEUGEOT Design Lab is available at

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