Thursday, 22 February 2018

  • PEUGEOT has designed and created a striking 3D sculpture of its iconic Lion emblem for display at the Geneva Motor Show 2018
  • The emblem has adorned PEUGEOT products for the last 160 years
  • Created by the PEUGEOT Design Lab, it symbolises the brand’s core values; pride, strength and excellence

PEUGEOT is unveiling an eye-catching sculpture of its iconic brand emblem, the PEUGEOT Lion, at Geneva Motor Show on the 8th March.

Created by PEUGEOT’s Design Lab, the Lion sculpture stands at 4.8 metres tall and 12.5 metres long. It’s iconic and timeless design symbolises the brand’s core values of pride, strength and excellence.

Gilles Vidal, Head of Design at PEUGEOT, said: “The iconic, timeless design of the PEUGEOT Lion has been brought to life in the flowing and sculpted surfaces of this statue representing the brand’s values.

“Its spectacular dimensions emphasise the Lion’s solid, powerful and unshakeable character. Its posture, standing up, moving forwards determinedly but without aggression, conveys a serenity and confidence in the future.”

The Lion emblem, created in 1858 by Emile Peugeot, has been on all of PEUGEOT’s products, both automotive and non-automotive for the last 160 years.

The emblem originally portrayed the Lion walking over an arrow to convey the idea of speed. Since then, the emblem has evolved over the years with nine modifications made to it. The design was further updated and refreshed in 2010 when the Lion adopted a new position to reflect the new model range. The more dynamic and confident Lion is created with a bi-metallic effect to illustrate its modern expression.

PEUGEOT vehicles, which are universally recognised by their Lion badge, are sold in over 160 territories worldwide.

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Since 1810 PEUGEOT has been producing durable products of excellence, since 1858 all are branded with the Lion logo – chosen to demonstrate strength, suppleness and swiftness to personify the durability of its products. As one of the earliest automotive producers, the PEUGEOT brand can trace its roots back to 1889 when it began producing automobiles and since then over 65 million vehicles have been produced, advancing technology with style and efficiency to enhance the customer experience. PEUGEOT is present in over 160 countries, has 10,000 franchised Dealerships and is recognised the world over for the quality and design excellence of its products.

The UK is the third largest market for PEUGEOT with its UK Headquarters located in Coventry. The UK car line-up includes the 108, 208, New 308, 508, 2008 SUV, 3008 SUV and All-New 5008 SUV supplemented by people-carriers and a van range that includes the Partner, Expert and Boxer. The standard car and van line-up is supported by Electric Vehicles. The range includes the iOn and the Electric version of their most popular small van, the Partner Electric.

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