peugeot owners say the lion is going from strength to strength

Monday, 22 September 2014

  • National surveys show owners are enjoying even better cars and Dealer service
  • PEUGEOT Dealers climb higher than any other maker in Auto Express Driver Power Survey
  • Owners can also expect strong reliability and low running costs
  • PEUGEOT joins forces with Reevoo to promote customer satisfaction

PEUGEOTs are becoming even more reliable and cheaper to run with a vastly improved Dealer Network, according to the people who know best: PEUGEOT owners. Survey results this year have revealed what PEUGEOTs of all ages are really like to live with. They paint a picture of cars that are increasingly seen as reliable, high quality products serviced by Dealerships that are raising their game accordingly.

Owners of the cars with the lion badge aren’t shy about broadcasting the virtues of their vehicles either. PEUGEOT has recently joined forces with independent online customer review service Reevoo. As part of an on-going commitment to customer satisfaction PEUGEOT will be publishing online assessments from genuine owners of its cars.

Since March 2014, Reevoo has collected, collated and verified 1,790 reviews so far. The average satisfaction rating is an impressive 8.2 out of 10. In addition, 20 per cent of the owners have ‘opted in’ to be part of the ‘Ask an Owner’ pool. Reevoo’s Elias Sekfali said: “The number of reviews over this short time span is pretty high in the industry and shows a high level of customer engagement. The opt-in is also high and remember, these are people saying they don’t mind answering questions from unknown fellow purchasers.”

The Reevoo scores are reflected in the influential Auto Express Driver Power poll, earlier this year, which canvassed more than 50,000 car owners. The results showed that PEUGEOT Dealerships were the most improved in the industry, rising 17 places compared with 2013. It was the biggest jump by any car maker, helped by Dealerships recording top 10 finishes in the categories of ‘Helpfulness and attitude’, ‘Standard of workmanship’, ‘Value for money’ and ‘Overall’.

A survey among the Dealerships by Car Dealer magazine asking how they ranked the manufacturer showed PEUGEOT also to be one of the highest climbers. It jumped seven places to 14th out of 27 manufacturers with a score of 55.7 per cent, which ranks as good. The survey concluded: “There has been a wealth of new products and a raft of updated models that are keeping Dealers happy, such as the 3008 Crossover, 5008 MPV and RCZ Sports Coupé. The Lion is indeed going from strength to strength with its Dealers and they are particularly happy with their manufacturer partnership.”

When it comes to the cars themselves, PEUGEOTs receive glowing reports. The RCZ was voted the top rated sports car in the Auto Express Driver Power survey, beating some illustrious names. However, it wasn’t just praised for its handling and performance, as you might expect of a sports car; it was also highly rated by owners for its cheap running costs.

Proving that its new cars are pointing firmly in the right direction, the highest ranked PEUGEOT by its owners was the 2008 Compact Crossover. It was ranked as the third best SUV and finished 11th out of the 150 cars in the survey with a score of 90.79 per cent. Its highest score – seventh overall – came in the ‘Reliability’ category. Confirming what a great all-rounder the 2008 is, it was also highly regarded by owners when it came to ride quality and running costs.

PEUGEOT’s are becoming increasingly reliable too. In a survey by warranty company Warranty Direct that disproves popular national stereotypes, French cars finish second. It came ahead of Korea, Sweden and Germany, all of whom are famous for the dependability of their vehicles. Warranty Direct’s David Gerrans said: “German reliability is an often used phrase but its output doesn’t match its close neighbours, the French. French cars as a whole are more reliable.”


The PEUGEOT Brand can trace its roots back to 1810, and it was in 1889 that it began producing automobiles, thus in 2014 it celebrates 125 years of vehicle production with over 60 million sold. Conveyed through its Brand signature ‘Motion & Emotion’, PEUGEOT is present in 160 countries with some 10,000 Franchised Dealers and recognised for its Excellence, Allure and Emotion.

The UK is currently the 3rd largest market for PEUGEOT. Recent models in the eight-car line-up that include the expanding 208 range with the emblematic performance GTi and luxurious XY versions, supplemented by the new 2008 Urban Crossover and the new class-leading 308 – 2014 European Car of the Year, available in Hatchback and SW estate body styles. The new 108 – available in Hatchback or 108 Top! Cabrio is the Brand’s latest model, introducing new levels of style, technology, efficiency and personalisation to the compact car sector.

PEUGEOT has a reinvigorated range of high quality products and services that provide and combine a refined design with great attention to detail, and a unique driving experience delivering the satisfaction and emotion identifiable with every PEUGEOT product.

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